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Complete the Psychokino 's Mission [Psychokino Advancement]

Quest Database • Complete the Psychokino 's Mission [Psychokino Advancement]


Map: Miners' Village
Level: 9999 (Required Level: 9989)


Werewolf extermination (0 / 1)

Required Quests


Meet the Psychokino Master at the Miners' Village
Objective: Meet the Psychokino Master


The Psychokino Master is busy but doesn't want to pass on the chance of defeating the Werewolf to the Linker Master. Defeat the Werewolf in Miners' Village.
Objective: Defeat the Werewolf at the Miners' Village


Defeated the Werewolf. Return and report to the Psychokino Master.
Objective: Report to Psychokino master

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