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Summoning Ritual [Necromancer Advancement]

Quest Database • Summoning Ritual [Necromancer Advancement]


Map: Mullers Passage
Level: 185 (Required Level: 175)


Collect Blue Pawndel Bones (0 / 7)
Collect Black Pawnd's Entrails (0 / 3)
Collect Harpeia's Beak (0 / 1)

Required Quests


Talk to the Necromancer Master at Mullers Passage
Objective: Talk to the Necromancer Master


Bring Blue Pawndel's Bone, Black Pawnd's Entrails and Harpeia's Beak, which the Necromancer Master has prepared at Starving Demon's Way.
Objective: Find the gift of the Necromancer Master at Starving Demon's Way


You have found all the gifts of the Necromancer Master. Return to the Necromancer Master and report.
Objective: Report about the gifts to the Necromancer Master

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