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It's the Honey (2)

Quest Database • It's the Honey (2)


Start NPC: Villager Darren
Map: Dina Bee Farm
Level: 160 (Required Level: 150)


Obtain Empty Beehive from a monster with sweet fragrance (0 / 1)

Required Quests

icon It's the Honey (1) (Level 160)


The beehives at Rododun Apiary are okay, but we should do something to them. Talk to the relieved Villager Darren.
Objective: Talk to Villager Darren


Villager Darren told you that the monsters are going after the apiary's honey so he wants to use empty beehives to deceive the monsters. Defeat a monster with sweet fragrance and get an empty beehive.
Objective: Defeat the monsters with sweet fragrance.


Acquired an empty beehive. Hand over the beehive to Villager Darren.
Objective: Hand over the empty beehive to Villager Darren

Reward (Get All)


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