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Shield over Flowers [Highlander Advancement] (1)

Quest Database • Shield over Flowers [Highlander Advancement] (1)


Map: Highlander Master's Training Hall
Level: 45 (Required Level: 35)


Collect Coarse Bark (0 / 7)

Required Quests


Find the Highlander Master in Klaipeda
Objective: Talk to the Highlander Master


Go to the basement of Tenet Church next to Gele Plateau by passing Srautas Gorge that is beyond the Miners' Village. Then obtain Coarse Bark from the Yognomes there in exchange for the Peltasta Master's cooperation.
Objective: Obtain Coarse Barks from Yognome in Tenet Church B1.


You have obtained the tree barks to make the shield. With these, go meet the Peltasta Master to request support.
Objective: Hand them over to the Peltasta Master in Klaipeda

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