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Threats of the Eastern Woods

Quest Database • Threats of the Eastern Woods


Start NPC: Knight Aras
Map: East Siauliai Woods
Level: 7 (Required Level: 1)


Defeat the Pokubus at the farm (0 / 4)

Required Quests


Knight Commander Uska has told you to speak with Knight Aras who is in charge of the Crystal Mine. Talk to Knight Aras.
Objective: Talk to Knight Aras to inquire about the Miners' Village


You have to accept Aras' proposal to help his troops in order to go to the Miners' Village. First, defeat the Pokubus that occupy the farm.
Objective: Defeat the Pokubus at the farm


Report to Aras that you have defeated the Pokubus, one of the assignments for going to the Miners' Village.
Objective: Go to Knight Aras

Reward (Get All)


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