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NPC Database

Name Level Map
Bishop Urbonas1Ashaq Underground Prison 1F
Bokor Juta1Sienakal Graveyard
Bokor Juta1Sienakal Graveyard
Brewer Dorjen1Dina Bee Farm
Carlyle's Spirit1Carlyle's Mausoleum
Castle Wall Soldier's Spirit1Kule Peak
Charged Device1Grynas Trails
Chaser Daramaus1Paupys Crossing
Chaser Daramaus1Ashaq Underground Prison 1F
Chaser Germeja1Woods of the Linked Bridges
Chaser Raitis1Woods of the Linked Bridges
Chaser Sendal1Paupys Crossing
Chaser Talbasi1Paupys Crossing
Chaser Torvana1Paupys Crossing
Chaser Torvana1Ashaq Underground Prison 1F
Chaser Ulysses1Woods of the Linked Bridges
Chaser Zegaus1Paupys Crossing
Chronomancer Ida1Nheto Forest
Ciatas1Mishekan Forest
Cicas1Nobreer Forest
Cleopas1Dina Bee Farm
Cleric1Main Building
icon Cleric Master1Secret Room
Coben89Fedimian Suburbs
Coben89Fedimian Suburbs
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