[Apr 25th 2018] New classes have been added to the skill simulator!

NPC Database

Name Level Map
Grave Keeper Romas1Owl Burial Ground
Grave Keeper Sigis1Sienakal Graveyard
Great Merchant Gilliam1Apsimesti Crossroads
Great Priest of the Village1Bellai Rainforest
Great Priest of the Village1Seir Rainforest
Grita1Fedimian Suburbs
Grita1Mage Tower 1F
Grita1Mage Tower 2F
Grita1Mage Tower 3F
Grita1Mage Tower 4F
Grita1Mage Tower 4F
Guard Leaper1Fedimian
Guardian Bros1Viltis Forest
Gustas Jonas1Ramstis Ridge
Gytis1Gytis Settlement Area
Hayatin's Spirit1Khonot Forest
Healer Lady1Miners' Village
Healer Lady1Miners' Village
Herbalist Ash1Knidos Jungle
Herbalist Cesaris1Nheto Forest
Herbalist Talas1Dadan Jungle
Herbalist Tales1Koru Jungle
Heres1Mishekan Forest
High Officer Medea1Ouaas Memorial
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