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Owl Sculpture

NPC Database • Owl Sculpture


Karolis SpringsGloomy Owl Sculpture1icon Spirit-carrying Monster (Level 57)
Grynas TrailsSleeping Owl Statue1icon What Happened to the Owl Sculptures? (Level 245)
Grynas TrailsSleeping Owl Statue1-
Grynas TrailsRaucous Owl Sculpture1icon Sweet Dreams (1) (Level 245)
icon Sweet Dreams (2) (Level 245)
icon Fast Asleep (Level 245)
Letas StreamGuide Owl Sculpture1icon Sacred Tree of the Forest (1) (Level 61)
icon Sacred Tree of the Forest (2) (Level 61)
icon Reliable Assistant (Level 61)
Grynas Training CampHasty Owl Sculpture1-
Grynas Training CampLonely Owl Sculpture1icon Training Camp Owl (3) (Level 249)
Grynas Training CampSleeping Owl Statue1-
Grynas Training CampSleeping Owl Statue1icon Fainted or Asleep? (2) (Level 249)
Letas StreamFrail Owl Sculpture1icon Fading Spirit (Level 61)
Grynas HillsQuiet Owl Sculpture1icon Wandering Spirits (1) (Level 253)
icon Wandering Spirits (2) (Level 253)
Grynas HillsExhausted Owl Sculpture1-
Grynas HillsKind Owl Sculpture1icon Finding the Last Witness (2) (Level 253)
icon Memories of the Sleeping Owl (Level 253)
icon It Only Gets Worse (Level 253)
Poslinkis ForestScared Owl Sculpture1icon Forest of Fear (Level 112)
Poslinkis ForestDevoted Owl Sculpture1-
Poslinkis ForestTroubled Owl Sculpture1-
Poslinkis ForestWeak Owl Sculpture1icon Threat at Poslinkis Forest (2) (Level 112)
icon Eternal Sleep of the Owls (Level 112)
Sunset Flag ForestOld Owl Sculpture1icon Old Owl Sculpture's Aid (Level 123)
icon Truth and Spirit (Level 123)
Karolis SpringsOwl Sculpture1-
Storage QuarterOwl Sculpture1-
Owl Burial GroundSad Owl Sculpture14icon Dangerous Throneweaver (1) (Level 109)
icon Dangerous Throneweaver (2) (Level 109)
icon Dangerous Throneweaver (3) (Level 109)

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