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Gentleman 12

NPC Database • Gentleman 12


Gateway of the Great KingHistorian Viode1icon Historian's Trick (Level 58)
Escanciu VillageLumberjack Luoval1icon Habitat (Level 103)
Carlyle's MausoleumBeliever's Spirit1icon The Leader of the Order (Level 74)
ManahasCollection Member1icon Find the Hidden Artifacts (Level 110)
Alembique CaveKedoran Alliance Merchant Alta1icon Alembique Tales(1) (Level 320)
icon A Legend's Reality (Level 320)
icon I need an indulgence! (Level 320)
icon The price of life (Level 320)
Gateway of the Great KingHistorian Viode1-
Mishekan ForestCiatas1-
Grand Yard MesaMine Worker1-
Stele RoadEpigraphist Schmid1icon Ruklys' Inheritance (Level 96)
icon Curiosity Killed the Epigraphist (Level 96)
icon Ready (Level 96)
KlaipedaKlaipeda Resident20-

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