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Mid Commander (Male 2)

NPC Database • Mid Commander (Male 2)


Gateway of the Great KingAhylas Jonas1icon Seal of the Royal Family (1) (Level 61)
icon Legacy of the Royal Family (1) (Level 58)
icon Legacy of the Royal Family (2) (Level 58)
East Siauliai WoodsKnight Aras1icon Camp Crisis (Level 7)
icon Threats of the Eastern Woods (Level 7)
icon Aras' Commission (1) (Level 7)
icon Aras' Commission (3) (Level 9999)
icon Enter the Miners' Village (Level 7)
Khonot ForestVictoras' Spirit1icon Set up a memorial monument (Level 278)
icon The Souls of the Fallens (Level 278)
icon Dig up the relics (Level 278)
icon The Whereabouts of the Key (Level 278)
icon To Restore the Honor of the Hero (Level 278)
Dvasia PeakCommander O'Rourke1icon Secure Route to the Gateway of the Great King (3) (Level 121)
Shaton ReservoirGeneral Buros1icon The Underground Tunnel (Level 155)
icon Shifting Responsibility (Level 155)
Tiltas ValleyLiaison Officer Nian1icon Strange Stone (Level 69)
Saknis PlainsSenior Officer Philipas35icon Leadership of Philipas (Level 114)
icon Disaster of Saknis Plains (1) (Level 114)
Saknis PlainsSenior Officer Philipas35icon Disaster of Saknis Plains (2) (Level 114)

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