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Village Gentleman 1

NPC Database • Village Gentleman 1


Tenants' FarmFarmer1-
Gateway of the Great KingHistorian Gorath1icon Gorath's Concern (3) (Level 58)
icon Gorath's Concern (1) (Level 58)
Aqueduct Bridge AreaJugas1icon Restoring Willpower! (Level 89)
Mishekan ForestWaltas1-
Mishekan ForestRhupas1-
Mage Tower 1FOwyn1icon Young Magician Owyn (1) (Level 113)
icon Young Magician Owyn (2) (Level 113)
Ramstis RidgeMercenary Toby1icon Recruiting Mercenaries (1) (Level 61)
icon Recruiting Mercenaries (2) (Level 61)
Videntis ShrineWandering Spirit1-
Pelke Shrine RuinsNikodemas1icon One-Way Street (Level 65)
Stele RoadTreasure Hunter Eden1icon Expired Contract (Level 96)
icon Weird Fellows (Level 96)
icon Instinct of the Treasure Hunter (Level 96)
icon Can't Sell Without It (Level 96)
icon Treasure of the Site (Level 96)
Baron AllernoJaunius1icon Tough Life (1) (Level 84)
icon Tough Life (2) (Level 84)
Verkti Square[Amanda Grave Robbers] Hubertas1icon Cleaned Up Workshop (Level 184)
icon Legal Profit (Level 184)
icon Hostile Extortion (Level 184)
icon Their Ways (Level 184)
West Siauliai WoodsLaimonas1icon Laimonas' Favor (Level 3)
icon The Road to Klaipeda (1) (Level 4)

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