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Mid Commander (Male)

NPC Database • Mid Commander (Male)


Inner Enceinte District[Knights of Kaliss] Wilhelmina Carriot1icon Intensified Rampage (Level 196)
icon Refreshing Work (Level 196)
icon Irrevocable Accident (1) (Level 196)
icon The seal which the monster possesses (Level 204)
icon To the Fortress of the Land (Level 217)
Taniel I Commemorative OrbInvestigation Team Leader Ella1icon The Relics of the Ancient (Level 303)
icon Stolen Parchment (Level 303)
icon Prepare to Trick (Level 303)
icon Here, Gobby Gobby (Level 303)
icon To Make the Investigation Safe (Level 303)
icon Parchment Enthusiast (Level 303)

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