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Ordinary Wife

NPC Database • Ordinary Wife


Tenants' FarmAsana1-
Aqueduct Bridge AreaJoana1icon Reading the Clue (Level 89)
icon The Irregular Stone Statue (Level 89)
icon A Blessing After All (Level 89)
Poslinkis ForestAsana1-
Coastal FortressUnvisibleName1-
Greene ManorFarmer Miren1icon Unreliable Folk (Level 149)
icon Big Inconvenience (Level 149)
Akmens RidgeAssistant Airine1icon Missing Researcher (3) (Level 67)
icon Missing Researcher (4) (Level 67)
icon Missing Researcher (5) (Level 67)
Miners' VillageUnvisibleName1-
Miners' VillageUnvisibleName1-
Miners' VillageUnvisibleName1-
Shaton FarmPoisoned Tenant Farmer1-
Shaton FarmPoisoned Tenant Farmer1-
Akmens RidgeAssistant Airine1icon Antidote (Level 67)
icon For Safety (Level 67)
Shaton FarmCured Tenant Farmer1-

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