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NPC Database • Zanas


Kalejimas Visiting RoomZanas' Soul1icon Revelation Guardian Zanas(2) (Level 259)
icon Revelation Guardian Zanas(3) (Level 259)
icon Bloody Magic Stone (Level 259)
icon How to beat stronger foes(1) (Level 259)
StorageZanas' Soul1icon Another Soul of Zanas(1) (Level 262)
icon Another Soul of Zanas(2) (Level 262)
icon Storage Lamp(1) (Level 262)
icon Storage Lamp(4) (Level 262)
icon Storage Lamp(5) (Level 262)
icon Storage Room Barrier(1) (Level 262)
StorageZanas' Soul1icon Preparing for the worst (Level 262)
Solitary CellsZanas' Soul1icon Who am I(1) (Level 265)
icon Demon identification (Level 265)
icon Prison Movement(1) (Level 265)
icon Prison Movement(2) (Level 265)
Solitary CellsZanas' Soul1icon Deal with the stragglers in the Solitary Cells (Level 265)
icon Six Crystals (Level 265)
WorkshopZanas' Soul1icon The Road Back(1) (Level 269)
icon The Road Back(2) (Level 269)
WorkshopZanas' Soul1icon Shard Collection(1) (Level 269)
icon Shard Collection(2) (Level 269)
WorkshopZanas' Soul1icon Destruction of the Workshop (Level 269)
icon Workshop Barrier(1) (Level 269)
Investigation RoomZanas' Soul1icon Unexpected Situation(1) (Level 272)
Investigation RoomZanas' Soul1icon Unexpected Situation(2) (Level 272)
icon Zanas' Resolve(1) (Level 272)
icon Zanas' Resolve(2) (Level 272)
icon What Must Be Done (1) (Level 272)

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