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Youth VillageB1

NPC Database • Youth VillageB1


Bellai RainforestMayor's Grandson1icon Statue of Peace (1) (Level 92)
Manahas[Kedoran Merchant Alliance] Leopoldas1icon Recruiting New Members (Level 110)
Pystis ForestRefugee Greg1icon So that they will be able to protect themselves (Level 319)
Spring Light WoodsVillager Emil1icon Securing a Safe Route (Level 169)
KlaipedaReceptionist Ramda1-
Vilna ForestRiesz1icon Help My Farm Recover (Level 163)
icon Too Scared to Sow (Level 163)
Grand Yard MesaMine Worker1-
Cranto CoastInjured Refugee1-
Gytis Settlement AreaResearcher Gareth1icon Unsatisfactory Crops (1) (Level 70)
icon Unsatisfactory Crops (2) (Level 70)

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