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Youth VillageA2

NPC Database • Youth VillageA2


Mishekan ForestNagles1-
Spring Light WoodsSygitas1-
Dadan JungleHerbalist Talas1icon Trapped Herbalist (Level 36)
icon Demon Cauldron (1) (Level 36)
icon Demon Cauldron (2) (Level 36)
icon Potential Threat (Level 36)
icon Cure-all Medicine (Level 36)
Vilna ForestValda1icon Desirable Combs (Level 163)
Mokusul ChamberDisciple Laius1icon Disciple Laius' Circumstances (Level 188)
icon The Master's Legacy (Level 188)
icon Wisdom of Guidance (Level 188)
icon Mind of Disciple Laius (Level 188)
Pelke Shrine RuinsTown Youth1-
Pelke Shrine RuinsTown Youth1-
Cranto CoastRefugee Salyamonas1-

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