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Paladin Follower B2

NPC Database • Paladin Follower B2


Viltis ForestHunter Natasha1icon Not A Chance (Level 176)
Viltis ForestHunter Natasha1icon Unknown Poison (1) (Level 176)
icon The Last Material One More Time (Level 176)
Glade HillroadHunter Reina1icon Search for the Trap (Level 173)
icon Making Arrowheads (Level 173)
icon Reliable Partner (Level 173)
icon For the Lack of Better Nourishment (Level 173)
Myrkiti FarmBaron Secretary Benius1icon Where is the Food (Level 86)
icon For What (Level 86)
Laukyme SwampHunter Natasha1icon Fastidious Ointment (2) (Level 179)
icon True Colors Revealed (Level 179)
icon Meeting the Abbot (Level 179)
Ghibulinas ForestJenonhas1icon Marks of a legend(6) (Level 313)
Gele PlateauWatcher Molly1icon Unsettled Totems (1) (Level 29)
icon Purifying Doll (1) (Level 29)
icon Improvements (Level 32)
Ghibulinas ForestJenonhas1-
Tyla MonasterySearching Hunter1-
Tyla MonasteryUnVisibleName1-
Tyla MonasteryUnVisibleName1-
Woods of the Linked BridgesChaser Germeja1icon Turning Away (Level 8)

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