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Paladin Follower A3

NPC Database • Paladin Follower A3


Tenet Church B1Follower Tiberius1icon Light Attack (1) (Level 40)
icon Light Attack (2) (Level 40)
Tenet Church B1Follower Vaidas1icon Till the Last Drop (Level 40)
icon Bully (Level 40)
icon Beyond the Darkness (Level 40)
Paupys CrossingChaser Sendal1icon Large-Scale Search Operation (5) (Level 13)
Tenet Church 1FFollower Vaidutis1icon Church Gate (1) (Level 44)
icon Church Gate (2) (Level 44)
icon Demon Sisters (Level 44)
icon Thorough Preparations (Level 44)
Ghibulinas ForestAquilas1icon Marks of a legend(1) (Level 313)
Ghibulinas ForestAquilas1-
Nefritas CliffFollower Kayetonas1icon Bull Hunting (Level 32)
Tenet GardenFollower Alfonsas1icon In the Name of the Goddess! (Level 35)
icon Obversion (Level 35)

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