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Paladin Follower A1

NPC Database • Paladin Follower A1


Tenet GardenFollower Algis1icon Grown Apart From Hope (Level 35)
Tenet Church 2FFollower Algis1icon Stolen Seal of Space (Level 48)
icon Cat and Mouse (Level 48)
icon Activate the Malda Altar (Level 48)
icon Activate the Auka Altar (Level 48)
icon Cleaning the Church (Level 48)
icon Trapped Gesti (Level 48)
icon The Hidden Sanctum's Revelation (1) (Level 48)
Tenet Church 2FFollower Algis1icon Gesti's Plan (Level 48)
icon Recapture the Bell Tower (Level 48)
Ramstis RidgeGustas Jonas1icon Seal of the Royal Family (4) (Level 61)
icon Seal of the Royal Family (3) (Level 61)
Tenet GardenFollower Algis1-

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