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Saule God1

NPC Database • Saule God1


Main BuildingPriest Benedict1icon Disintegration (1) (Level 138)
icon Disintegration (2) (Level 138)
Main BuildingCleric1-
Gate RouteBeliever Virgis1icon In the Name of Faith (1) (Level 59)
Gate RouteBeliever Nojus1icon Last Warning of the Beholder (Level 58)
Sirdgela ForestBeliever Alvydas1icon Some Help (Level 61)
Sirdgela ForestBeliever Simas1icon Unexpected Research (Level 61)
Kvailas ForestBeliever Bronius1icon The Attack of the Infro Holders (Level 64)
icon Try Your Best (Level 64)
SanctuaryPriest Goda1icon Masquerade (Level 145)
icon Good Use For a Wand (6) (Level 145)

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