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Tenants' FarmFood Storage1-
Gateway of the Great KingRoyal Mausoleum Artifact1-
Demon Prison District 5Small Dimensional Crack1-
Seir RainforestUnvisibleName1-
Tenet Church 2FDestroyed Altar Fragment1-
Tenet Church 2FHidden Sanctuary's Wall Painting1-
Mage Tower 1FBook Shelf1-
Tenet Church 2FReading Desk1-
Tenet Church 2FReading Desk1-
Veja RavineHoly Pond1icon Purify the Holy Pond (Level 36)
icon Holy Pond's Merregina (Level 46)
Veja RavineSource of Corruption1icon Removing Pollutants in Veidma Uphill (Level 46)
Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 5Dalia's Spirit1-
Poslinkis ForestCaved Area1icon Defeat the attacking monsters (Level 112)
Overlong Bridge ValleyPlace to put the Stone1-
Owl Burial GroundUnvisibleName1icon Story behind the collapse of the owl (Level 9999)
Overlong Bridge ValleySpace Gap1-
Mage Tower 4FMagic Stabilizing Device1-
Demon Prison District 1Disabling Magic Circle1-
Septyni GlenDemon Barrier1icon Release Goddess Saule (4) (Level 55)
Forest of PrayerUnvisibleName1-
Nefritas CliffDemon Summoning Circle1-
Nahash ForestScarecrow1-
Tenet GardenNamott Altar Post1-
Crystal Mine 2FBook Shelf1-
Verkti SquareFaint Petrifying Frost1-
Galeed PlateauUnvisibleName1-

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