[Apr 25th 2018] New classes have been added to the skill simulator!

Map Database

Name Order Type  
Name Level Rank Type
Mage Tower 1F1131Dungeon
Mage Tower 2F1161Dungeon
Mage Tower 3F1191Dungeon
Mage Tower 4F1231Dungeon
Mage Tower 5F1261Dungeon
Mage Tower Guild Mission02Dungeon
Mage Tower Instanced Dungeon02Dungeon
Mage Tower Mission02Dungeon
Main Building1371Dungeon
Maple Forest 24_101Field
Maple Forest 24_201Field
Maple Forest 24_301Field
Martuis Storage Room3123Dungeon
Maven 31 Waters01Field
Maven 32 Waters01Field
Maven Abbey2741Field
Michmas Temple3203Dungeon
Mine Mission02Dungeon
Miners' Village121Field
Mishekan Forest3851Field
Mishekan Forest3271Field
Mochia Forest851Field
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