[Apr 25th 2018] New classes have been added to the skill simulator!

Map Database

Name Order Type  
Name Level Rank Type
Kalejimas Visiting Room2591Dungeon
Karolis Springs571Field
Kepa Army01Dungeon
Khamadon Forest2821Field
Khonot Forest2781Field
King's Plateau761Field
Knidos Jungle321Field
Koru Jungle291Field
Kule Peak3001Field
Kvailas Forest641Field
Lake Mission02Dungeon
Lanko 22 Waters3361Field
Lanko 26 Waters3331Field
Lanko 26 Waters02Dungeon
Laukyme Swamp1791Field
Lemprasa Pond11Field
Letas Stream611Field
Letas Stream Mission01Dungeon
Lhadar Forest2891Field
Limestone Cave 71_13303Dungeon
Limestone Cave 71_23303Dungeon
Login Screen01Login
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