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Map Database

Name Order Type  
Name Level Rank Type
Valius' Eternal Resting Place1971Dungeon
Vedas Plateau2081Dungeon
Vedas Plateau2081Field
Veja Ravine461Field
Velcoffer's Nest3603Dungeon
Vera Coast2261Field
Verkti Square1841Field
Videntis Shrine1941Dungeon
Vieta Gorge491Field
Vilna Forest1631Field
Viltis Forest1761Field
Vine Forest Dungeon1752Dungeon
West Siauliai Woods11Field
Woods of the Linked Bridges81Field
Yudejan Forest3251Field
Zachariel Crossroads781Field
Zeteor Coast3271Field
Zima Suecourt3081Dungeon
[Event] The Cursed Shore3501Dungeon
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