[Apr 25th 2018] New classes have been added to the skill simulator!

Map Database

Name Order Type  
Name Level Rank Type
Saalus Convent01City
Saalus Convent Castle Mission02Dungeon
Saknis Plains1141Field
Salvia Forest2611Field
Sausys Room 103381Dungeon
Sausys Room 93351Dungeon
Secret Room01Field
Seir Rainforest1001Field
Sekta Forest2651Field
Sentry Bailey2001Dungeon
Septyni Glen551Field
Seven Valley Mission02Dungeon
Shaton Farm1521Field
Shaton Reservoir1551Field
Siauliai Raid02Dungeon
Sicarius 1F1133Dungeon
Sicarius 2F1173Dungeon
Siege: Area of Ruins02Dungeon
Sienakal Graveyard701Dungeon
Sirdgela Forest611Field
Sjarejo Chamber2303Dungeon
Solitary Cells2651Dungeon
Spring Light Woods1691Field
Srautas Gorge261Field
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