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Item DatabaseEquipment • Muskets
Name Order Grade Stars  
  Name KR Name Type Stars Item Level Req Level
(Faded) Migantis Musket(바랜)미간티스 머스킷MusketStars0270
(Faded) Pajoritas Musket(바랜)파저리타스 머스킷MusketStars0220
(Faded) Pevordimas Musket(바랜)페버디마스 머스킷MusketStars0315
(Faded) Purine Migantis Musket(바랜)퓨리네 미간티스 머스킷MusketStars0270
(Faded) Purine Pevordimas Musket(바랜)퓨리네 페버디마스 머스킷MusketStars0315
(Faded) Replica Migantis Musket(바랜)레플리카 미간티스 머스킷MusketStars0270
(Faded) Replica Pevordimas Musket(바랜)레플리카 페버디마스 머스킷MusketStars0315
Berthas Migantis Musket베르타스 미간티스 머스킷MusketStars0270
Berthas Pajoritas Musket베르타스 파저리타스 머스킷MusketStars0220
Berthas Pevordimas Musket베르타스 페버디마스 머스킷MusketStars0315
Berthas Raffye Musket베르타스 라파이 머스킷MusketStars0350
Berthas Raffye Musket[결속] 베르타스 라파이 머스킷MusketStars0350
Dragoon Piper드라군 파이퍼MusketStars0315
Eki Musket에키 머스킷MusketStars0220
Emengard Musket에멘가드 머스킷MusketStars0315
Emengard Musket [Untradable]에멘가드 머스킷 [거래 불가]MusketStars0315
Finisher (30 Days)[결속] 피니셔 (30일)MusketStars0220
Fire Musket파이어 머스킷MusketStars0220
Lolopanther Musket롤로팬서 머스킷MusketStars0270
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