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Item Database


Item DatabaseEquipment • Maces
Name Order Grade Stars  
  Name KR Name Type Stars Item Level Req Level
[Kupole] Fedimian Club[큐폴전용] 페디미안 클럽MaceStars2201
[Kupole] Vienarazis Mace[큐폴전용] 비엔나라지스 메이스MaceStars3151
[Level Up Event] Burawa[레벨업 이벤트] 부라와MaceStars0175
[Level Up Event] Fedimian Club[레벨업 이벤트] 페디미안 클럽MaceStars075
[Level Up Event] Mallet[레벨업 이벤트] 맬릿MaceStars015
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