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Item Database


Name Order Grade Stars  
  Name KR Name Type Stars Item Level Req Level
(Faded) Eaglestar Leather Boots(바랜)이글스타 레더 부츠BootsStars0170
(Faded) Eaglestar Leather Gloves(바랜)이글스타 레더 글로브GlovesStars0170
(Faded) Eaglestar Leather Pants(바랜)이글스타 레더 팬츠PantsStars0170
(Faded) Eastern Leather Armor(바랜)이스턴 레더 아머ShirtStars0120
(Faded) Eastern Leather Boots(바랜)이스턴 레더 부츠BootsStars0120
(Faded) Eastern Leather Gloves(바랜)이스턴 레더 글로브GlovesStars0120
(Faded) Eastern Leather Pants(바랜)이스턴 레더 팬츠PantsStars0120
(Faded) Ellinis(바랜)엘리니스THStaffStars0120
(Faded) Even Eye(바랜)이븐 아이THBowStars0120
(Faded) Fluke Spear(바랜)플루크 스피어SpearStars0120
(Faded) Fyringy(바랜)피린기SwordStars0120
(Faded) Golden Spear(바랜)골든 스피어SpearStars0170
(Faded) Harvester(바랜)하베스터SwordStars0170
(Faded) Kalinis Boots(바랜)칼리니스 부츠BootsStars0270
(Faded) Kalinis Gloves(바랜)칼리니스 글로브GlovesStars0270
(Faded) Kalinis Pants(바랜)칼리니스 팬츠PantsStars0270
(Faded) Kalinis Robe(바랜)칼리니스 로브ShirtStars0270
(Faded) Kaulas Leather Armor(바랜)카울라스 레더 아머ShirtStars0315
(Faded) Kaulas Leather Boots(바랜)카울라스 레더 부츠BootsStars0315
(Faded) Kaulas Leather Gloves(바랜)카울라스 레더 글로브GlovesStars0315
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