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Item Database

 NameKR NameGroupDescription
Dunkel Mace던켈 메이스WeaponThis is the minimum requirement to prove that one is no longer an apprentice cleric.
Dunkel Maul던켈 마울WeaponSeasoned clerics attack the enemy in a multitude of ways using the ornament at the head of this mallet.
Dunkel Morning Star던켈 모닝스타WeaponIt is also known as 'the mace of repentance' among clerics.
Dunkel Nodachi던켈 노다치WeaponA Nodachi with a length 'just right' can amplify its slashing power and dominate the space between the wielder and their foe.
Dunkel Oak Crossbow던켈 오크 크로스보우WeaponAlthough it is hard to find wood for crafting since Medzio Diena, this weapon is not hard to make.
Dunkel Oak Staff던켈 오크 스태프WeaponAlternative to the wooden staff when a wizard is preparing to go on a journey.
Dunkel Pewter Rod던켈 퓨터 로드WeaponIt was once a popular weapon among ambitious young wizards.
Dunkel Pike던켈 파이크WeaponAs the cavalry faded from the kingdom's history, this pike became shorter and more accessible.
Dunkel Quaddara던켈 콰다라WeaponContrary to its appearance, this sword is double-edged and often used by swordsmen pursuing practicality.
Dunkel Quarrel Bow던켈 쿼렐보우WeaponThe Quarrel Shooter Master uses this to teach beginners.
Dunkel Quilted Armor던켈 퀼트 아머ArmorIt's sturdier than it looks.
Dunkel Quilted Boots던켈 퀼트 부츠ArmorWearing this makes your feet feel lighter.
Dunkel Quilted Gloves던켈 퀼트 글로브ArmorThough it is made of lighter material, it offers similar defenses to leather products at a low price. It also has the added benefit of being lighter.
Dunkel Quilted Pants던켈 퀼트 팬츠ArmorFind something else to wear in the highlands. It's cold.
Dunkel Ring Boots던켈 링 부츠ArmorIt has poor ventilation despite how it looks.
Dunkel Ring Gloves던켈 링 글로브ArmorThe good thing about a stronger base material is that it offers a lot of room for improvement.
Dunkel Ring Mail던켈 링 메일ArmorBelieve it or not, the crafter claims this equipment offers protection on par with plate armor.
Dunkel Ring Pants던켈 링 팬츠ArmorThere's no need to take the whole thing apart just because one of the middle rings are missing.
Dunkel Rokas Bow던켈 로카스 보우WeaponIt is presumably named after the place where its inventor came from.
Dunkel Sabre던켈 사브르WeaponPrimary weapon of the cavalry, optimized for slashing. The guard on the hilt helps protect the user's hand.
Dunkel Self Bow던켈 셀프 보우WeaponIt symbolizes the stalwart resolve of an unyielding archer.
Dunkel Shamshir던켈 샴시르WeaponThe blade's large crescent edge cuts with immense power.
Dunkel Short Bow던켈 숏 보우WeaponIt's a bow for beginners, though some proficient archers prefer to keep using it.
Dunkel Short Spear던켈 숏 스피어WeaponA standard, military-issue weapon for common soldiers.
Dunkel Snickersnee던켈 스니커스니WeaponIts extremely sharp blade makes it a favorite among even the most experienced swordsmen.
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