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Lv7 EXP Card

Item Database • Lv7 EXP Card

Common Info

KR NameLV7 경험치 카드
Lv7 EXP Card
Weight: 0
Not Tradeable
Adds 142150 Character EXP and 109455 Class EXP.
Can be used from Lv. 100.

Obtained (Quest Reward)

icon Disintegration (1) (Level 138)
icon Disintegration (2) (Level 138)
icon More and More (Level 140)
icon Tremendous Effects (Level 140)
icon Critical Situation (Level 141)
icon Karuna Altar Key (Level 141)
icon Dusty Old Books (Level 142)
icon Surprise Attack (Level 142)
icon For the Pilgrim (1) (Level 143)
icon For the Pilgrim (2) (Level 143)
icon Cursed Orb (Level 145)
icon Masquerade (Level 145)
icon Naktis' Wrath (Level 145)
icon To Pasala Altar (Level 145)
icon A Good Sign (Level 149)
icon Big Inconvenience (Level 149)
icon Box Delivery (Level 149)
icon It's All Over Now (Level 149)
icon The Mysterious Tree (Level 149)
icon Unknown Power (Level 149)
icon Unreliable Folk (Level 149)
icon Weeding (Level 149)
icon Demons on the Move (Level 150)
icon Old Pride (Level 151)
icon Shutting the Door (Level 151)
icon An Awful Smell (1) (Level 152)
icon An Awful Smell (2) (Level 152)
icon Farmers in Danger (Level 152)
icon Hidden Seeds (Level 152)
icon Old Seeds (1) (Level 152)
icon Old Seeds (2) (Level 152)
icon Old Seeds (3) (Level 152)
icon Steam Boiled (Level 152)
icon Today's Work (Level 152)
icon Unexpected Results (Level 152)
icon You Can't Fool Me (Level 152)
icon Lodged Stone (Level 154)
icon Recovering Prestige (Level 154)
icon Unreasonable Defeat (Level 154)
icon Just the Beginning (Level 155)
icon The Straggler (Level 155)
icon Dionys' Claws (Level 157)
icon Lost Star (Level 157)
icon The Fury (Level 157)
icon For the Pilgrim (3) (Level 158)
icon The Last Key (Level 159)

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