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Lv1 EXP Card

Item Database • Lv1 EXP Card

Common Info

KR NameLV1 경험치 카드
Lv1 EXP Card
Weight: 0
Not Tradeable
Adds 500 Character EXP and 385 Class EXP.
Right-click to use.

Obtained (Quest Reward)

icon A Thankful Heart (Level 1)
icon Orsha (2) (Level 1)
icon Laimonas' Favor (Level 3)
icon Something Fishy (Level 3)
icon The Road Back (Level 4)
icon Camp Crisis (Level 7)
icon Overworked Agent (Level 8)
icon Turning Away (Level 8)
icon Aid Recovery (Level 10)
icon To the Mines (Level 11)

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