[Apr 25th 2018] New classes have been added to the skill simulator!

Collection Database

Name Bonus  
Name Items Bonus
Collection: Inner Enceinte District
Crit Rate +1
Collection: Istora Ruins
M. Amplification +2
Collection: Jeromel Park
SP +18
Collection: Jonael Memorial
HP +45
Collection: Kadumel Cliff
SP Recovery +3
Collection: Karolis Springs
HP Recovery +5
Collection: King's Plateau
Accuracy +1
Collection: Knidos Jungle
SP Recovery +3
Collection: Koru Jungle
SP +18
Collection: Kule Peak
SP +18
Collection: Kvailas Forest
Crit Rate +1
Collection: Lanko Waters
Collection: Laukyme Swamp
DEF +1
Collection: Lemprasa Pond
HP +45
Collection: Letas Stream
HP Recovery +5
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