[Apr 25th 2018] New classes have been added to the skill simulator!

Collection Database

Name Bonus  
Name Items Bonus
Collection: Elgos Abbey Main Building
M. Amplification +2
Collection: Elgos Monastery Annex
SP Recovery +3
Collection: Emmet Forest
Crit Rate +1
Collection: Entrance of Kateen Forest
Crit Rate +1
Collection: Escanciu Village
HP Recovery +5
Collection: Explorer Finds
Collection: Fantasy Library
INT +2
SPR +2
Collection: Fasika Plateau
Collection: Fedimian Suburbs
SP Recovery +3
Collection: Feretory Hills
Crit Rate +1
Collection: Forest of Prayer
Evasion +1
Collection: Galeed Plateau
Accuracy +1
Collection: Gate Route
Accuracy +1
Collection: Gateway of the Great King
Crit Defense +1
Collection: Gele Plateau
SP Recovery +3
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