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Tree of Savior Mobile Remake Trailer

Written by Flash (Oct 28th 2016)
NEXON published a trailer of the Tree of Savior Mobile Remake. The mobile version is also developed by imcGames and will run on Android and iOS and will be released globally. According to the trailer the graphics of the mobile version will be pretty much the as on the PC version but the UI and input methods have been adjusted.[/youtube]







Tfw mobile version looks better than PC version.
Actually look same. What mean only one - 3 fps
"Suzushii" wrote:
Actually look same. What mean only one - 3 fps

This one has Centurion, Fortune Teller, Pied Piper and Shepherd, seemingly easier to get to the class you actually want to play instead of filler for 170+ levels, some of the better unused costumes, among other things. I'll honestly just switch to this if it lives up to the trailer.
Well, this will be much better than iToS because Nexon is publisher. But instead you can try just play kToS in this case. I don't think we gonna have internetional mobile version.
Would be nice if you can play cross platform like FFXIV. PS4-PC. That way I can play ToS wherever I AM!
:lol: need 4 people to kill the first boss golem.....Laughs. Taking down the final boss? 100,000 users.--speculation.

The monsters look more over powered than charaters. We need monsters that are 30-40% strong.. bosses 50% strong at first, and the rest op own age
can you log your PC Steam account in the mobile phone ?