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Founder's Pack Giveaway

Written by Flash (Mar 20th 2016)
Hello Everyone,

IMCGames released the dates for the upcoming release.

Together with this awesome news, they also released the Founder's Packs on Steam yesterday.

To Celebrate the upcoming release and to say thank you for all your support in the last months, we decided to run one of our biggest raffles in the existance of the Tree of Savior Fan Base.

In this raffle, you can win one of the Founder's Packs.

Like our Facebook page, share this post and make a comment (on facebook) why YOU want one of the Founder's Packs to enjoy the early access.

1st Price]

[b]2nd Price]

[b]3rd Price]

This Raffle will be closed on Sunday March 27th, 2PM (UTC) and we will select the Winners shorty after.

The Winners will then be contacted via Facebook to get their Founder's Pack via Steam.


Please keep in mind, that this Raffle, still follows the rules by imcGames about geo location restrictions.

If you are from one of the countries that already has a publisher and can't buy these Founder's packs, we also won't be able to gift them to you.

We wish all of you best luck on this raffle, and hope to see you ingame :)

Your TOSBase Team[/img]

[b]The raffle is only run on our


I want a pack!!!!!! *-* plz :gawi:
Awesome!!! >,..,< Good luck to everyone! ^_~ the best source for TOS!
OMFG i want this pack, it would be the best kickoff for my 2016 mmogaming experience.

the beta was incredible, i want in ASAP!!!!!! ty in advance
Lel. Tried the raffle. RIP ENGLISH XD

I tried... I did good...
But... but .. you can't gift it for ppl from other countries no? :hmm:
Good luck to us all :kis:
Would like to get in on some of this :D
I want this pack, BECAUSE]... I am the SUPPORT of my party

IMORTAL is my body and HP is my blood

I have created over a thousand DEBUFFS

Unknown to Death, Nor known to PK'S

Have withstood pain to create many BUFFS

Yet, those hands will never hold SWORDS

So as I pray, unlimited HEALERS works...
I would enter, but I don't use facebook.

Good luck to those who do enter.
Good luck everyone! :no1:
Good luck to everyone :3

anyway, there is a new giveaway pack 3 in this, the more you enter, the more free pack will be given. Come on guys :gg:

*removed by the admin*
3 more days hehe
Entered :)

Good luck everyone!
Entered and GL everyone. I was unsure where you needed to "comment on post" was it on the shared version on your page or just the main one? Hope I did it right :D
Eagerly waiting for results