Focused Group Interview Announcement

Written by Flash (May 22nd 2015)[/img]

Hello. GM Leslie Here.

imcGAMES is taking all the feedbacks in consideration and we are trying our best to make the best game possible. The most discussed topics from previous CBT are skills and balancing. To solves this issue, we are doing a FGI with players who participated in CBT. This FGI will be a bit different from other interviews. Developers from each field will actually talk with the players, which will be a lot like a debate. Because of this, we can't invite everyone to the FGI. So instead, we will inviting a few players to the debate. The players are invited depending on the survey, in-game level, feedbacks and adventure journal. Nexon will personally send invites to the players who are qualified. Next GM note's topic will be about the FGI, so please wait patients. Thank you again for all your support

Translation by John Seo on Facebook.


very nice. I really like how they are going about making the game better :) I can only hope they keep up this rhythm when it comes out too :)
Just link me the application!