2nd Korean CBT Review

Written by Flash (Apr 27th 2015)
The 2nd Korean Closed Beta is over and it's time for a little review and summary of changes since the 1st CBT. I don't want to go too much into detail here and talk about every skill that was slightly changed but rather talk about some features we've seen in the 2nd CBT for the first time.

English Translation

Even though it was not officially implement in the CBT2 client, the translation project on GitHub allowed us to play this CBT with an english client. It took some time to get everything run smoothly and we had to translate quite alot our own as the UI wasn't part of the translation project but in the end we managed to create a solid translation that helped us and hopefully you to better understand the game. I uploaded a video that briefly shows the most important parts of the UI.


If you want to see more of the english client just watch our gameplay videos (we updated the translation everyday when the servers were closed so the translation improves). Here is the first of it][youtube]Barracks Upgrade

A feature that was announced before but not available yet is the Barracks Upgrade. You were able to buy the Pyromancer Room for 100 NXP. If you clicked on the Name you would get a nice little preview.


Gamepad Support

A feature that was requested by many players is the Gamepad Support. Some people (including myself) had concern how it would be possible to play a game that has many different skills with a gamepad but imcGames had a pretty nice solution for it.

The basic function where on the normal gamepad buttons (B for Jump, X for Attack, B for Interact) if you wanted to use a skill you could now hold L1, L2, R1, R2 or L1+R2 plus A, B, X or Y to cast a skill. This allows you to easily access 20 quickslots which is probably more than most of us would be able to easily use on a keyboard I guess. You were even able to switch between two sets by pressing L2+R2. Other functions like Sitting (R1 + R2) and Target Lock (Click on Right Trigger) were assigned to less accessible buttons. Unfortunately you still had to use the mouse for most parts of the UI but the chances are good that we will get a well working gamepad support when the game is finished.

You can see me using the Gamepad in this and following videos. It took some time to get used to it but afterwards it was really nice.




Boss Monsters

There where a lot of complaints about Boss Monsters during the last CBT and even though there are still some complaints it seems like imcGames made a step in the right direction. The boss fights are still not very hard (at least in the beginning) but they feel more active. From time to time Boss Monsters still go into idle mode but it seems less frequent and not all AoEs are displayed very early making didging them more thrilling. I might go more into detail about it in the future when I found some time but I'm confident.We also need to keep in mind that the early Boss Monsters and especially those that have to be killed for a (main) quest need to be able to be defeated by solo players and shouldn't be compared to MvPs / Raid Bosses.

The only thing about the boss fights I'm still not very happy about is the fact that you are still able to instantly revive during the boss fight for NXP. I hope this feature will be removed for boss fights but maybe it is only available for the story bossed and won't be available for endgame boss fights that would probably be better.


nice read!
Good work. :)

I hope your translation work well.

See you next 3rd CBT
Ooo~ Great job!, Keep it up! :no1:
[color=#FF4040]I'm guessing NXP is Nexon's term for in-game currency using real money.

Says here the Pyromancer Barrack costs 100 NXP. I wonder how much is 100 NXP in, let's say, US Dollars or in SGD? I sure hope this game won't turn out to be a P2W affair~ ]
I have been seeing NXP for a lot of things in this game... it's kinda scaring me :sob: I have been watching all the videos from different people, and there is a few things here and there that are making it sound p2w.... I really hope this isnt the case when it comes out. That is my only concern.

Other than that, very nice read :ok: I just hope i can play it soon... Tera is getting boring, or i should say is boring... but the game has made all the other games very boring cuz of their battle system. :an: Stupid Tera for ruining me... :bzz:
Thanks for your review and videos! I'm really looking forward to being able to play this and yeah hope it won't be P2W...
I want to try the control when tre of savior comes out @v@