[July 10th 2018] Updated to Rank 10, added Pied Piper and Exorcist!

NPC Database


Septyni GlenGate Entrance x1-
Crystal Mine Lot 2 - 2F1-
Novaha InstituteUnvisibleName1-
Koru Jungle1-
Fortress BattlegroundsField Gen x1-
Woods of the Linked BridgesGate Entrance x1-
Gytis Settlement AreaField Gen x1-
Karolis SpringsGate Entrance x1-
Roxona MarketGate Entrance x1-
Escanciu VillageField Gen x1-
Narvas Temple1-
Narvas Temple1-
Mishekan ForestUnvisibleName1-
Fedimian SuburbsField Gen x1-
Pystis ForestGate Entrance x1-
Pystis ForestGate Entrance x1-
Crystal Mine 3FField Gen x1-
Lemprasa PondGate Entrance x1-
Narvas Temple Annex1-
Seir Rainforest1-
Knidos JungleUnvisibleName1-
Thaumas TrailGate Entrance x1-
Alemeth ForestGate Entrance x1-
Royal Mausoleum 5FField Gen x1-
Feretory HillsGate Entrance x1-
Letas StreamGate Entrance x1-
Khamadon ForestGate Entrance x1-
Dadan Jungle1-
East Siauliai WoodsField Gen x1-
King's PlateauField Gen x1-
Sutatis Trade RouteGate Entrance x1-
Guards GraveyardGate Entrance x1-
King's PlateauField Gen x1-
Tavorh Cave1-
Arcus Forest1-
Phamer ForestUnvisibleName1-
Roxona Reconstruction Agency West BuildingMonster Genx1-
Mage Tower 3FNo Field Gen1-
Novaha Assembly Hall1-
Vieta GorgeField Gen x1-
Ashaq Underground Prison 1FGate Entrance x1-
2nd Demon Prison1-
Tyla MonasteryGate Entrance x1-
Stele RoadField Gen x1-
Mage Tower 5FNo Field Gen1-
Novaha Annex1-
Ouaas MemorialGate Entrance x1-
Mollogheo Forest1-
Akmens RidgeField Gen x1-

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