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Item DatabaseEquipment • Armbands
Name Order Grade Stars  
  Name KR Name Type Stars Item Level Req Level
Alcohol Decoration Armband술 장식 암밴드Armband 040
Beginning of Savior Armband태초의 구원자 암밴드Armband 01
Bunnies Arm Band바니즈 암밴드Armband 01
Captain Armband캡틴 암밴드Armband 01
Chief Armband치프 암밴드Armband 040
Class President Arm Band선도 암밴드Armband 01
Diamond Armband다이아 암밴드Armband 040
Dionys Armband디오니스 암밴드Armband 01
Dragonfly Armband잠자리 암밴드Armband 040
Feather Armband깃털 장식 암밴드Armband 040
Feelings Armband느낌있는 암밴드Armband 040
G9 Armband지구의 행복 암밴드Armband 01
Golden Armband골든 암밴드Armband 01
Golden Pup Armband황금 멍멍 암밴드Armband 01
Guild Battle 1st Place Armband길드 배틀 1위 암밴드Armband 040
Guild Battle 2nd Place Armband길드 배틀 2위 암밴드Armband 040
Guild Battle 3rd Place Armband길드 배틀 3위 암밴드Armband 040
Guild Lovers Armband길드 사랑 암밴드Armband 01
Knotted Armband매듭진 암밴드Armband 040
Leaf Pattern Armband잎사귀 무늬 암밴드Armband 040
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