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Black Drake Heart

Item Database • Black Drake Heart

Common Info

KR Name검은 드레이크의 심장
Black Drake Heart
Weight: 1
Still beating, as if trying to prove its resilience.
Obtained from Black Drakes.

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 3.32%
Drop Chance: 1.66%

Required For


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Dec 31st 2016 07:56:14
Got 2 Fediman Club recipes while hunting for this on an empty Mage Tower 5F and it dropped around the 50-kill mark after the 2nd, so I wager it's a 250-300 DPK drop. Sicarius 2F Drakes did not seem to drop any even after about 500 kills, but there was some competition between several of us, so YMMV.
Dec 31st 2016 02:17:09
Drops From Black Drake in Mage Tower 5F.
Maybe 2% drop rate
Dec 3rd 2016 02:48:35
ist drop from black drake mage tower? or sicarius ?
Oct 27th 2016 03:41:02
What is this? What porpouse? How much?
Feb 26th 2017 16:53:07
@Craystin Draft Agny Necklace, 50-100k on the market by now
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