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Regal Gloves

Item Database • Regal Gloves

Common Info

KR Name리갈 글로브
Item Level0
Regal Gloves
Gloves [Cloth]
Weight: 30
armorPhysical Defense
armorMagic Defense
The equipment with this pattern originated from the Kadumel Era. At then, it was the official equipment of the Royal Army, but the number of people who started to use this equipment gradually decreased after the Kadumel Era. However, there are still many people using it.
Required Level: 75
Required Class: All
Maximum Sockets: 2
6 / 6
40 / 40

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 1.08%
Drop Chance: 1.15%


Name Items Bonus
Collection: Aqueduct Bridge Area
DEF +1
Collection: Topes Fortress 1F
SP Recovery +3

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