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Sestas Crossbow

Item Database • Sestas Crossbow

Common Info

KR Name세스타스 크로스보우
Item Level0
Sestas Crossbow
Crossbow [Missile: Bow]
Weight: 160
armorPhysical Attack
220 ~ 269
- Attack on Devil Type Targets stat up25
You could be the very first person to draw out the true potential of this weapon.
Required Level: 75
Required Class: Archer
Maximum Sockets: 1
7 / 7
32 / 32

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 0.02%


Name Items Bonus
Collection: King's Plateau
Accuracy +1

Comments (6)

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Jul 20th 2017 21:26:42
Market doesn't sell any, so decided to camp in King's Plateau for a few days
After 49 Hard Veris Gloves, 20 Hunting Bow recipes, and a lucky monster gem drop,
finally got the crossbow at 3,422 kills.


The hunt is kinda tedious bcs the deadborn scap archer is rare on the map, they mostly come in ambush in group of 1,2 or 3 archers. Red spawn is very helpful to increase the kills count.

Jan 15th 2017 03:09:35
Got it just under 2117 kills.
Jul 16th 2016 10:28:17
got the crossbow at 1092 kills tho (still hunting tengu mask with over 2000 kills tho haha)
Jul 14th 2016 17:07:10
gave up after 5800+ kills..
Jul 4th 2016 21:40:22
Got it on 2110
Jun 20th 2016 10:01:07
I juste have it !!!!!
With 2617 Deadbirn Scao Archer kill ^^
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