[July 10th 2018] Updated to Rank 10, added Pied Piper and Exorcist!

Attribute Database

Attribute Database • Micro Dimension: Duplicate

Circle 1
ClassMax LevelSkillRequiredType
Sage1Micro DimensionSage 1st Circle RequiredActive
* Doubles ally installments and summons within the range of [Micro Dimension]
* Cloned targets will not be further duplicated
* Increases SP consumption by 50%
SP +50

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Sep 23rd 2017 20:03:55
Mines? or my allies as well!?
Sep 26th 2017 08:33:14
@Vandreand I assume it refers to traps, diev statues and similar stuff to it. Double summons might mean doubling necro skeletons and bokor zombies within the spell range.
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