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Attribute Database • Provoke

Circle 1
ClassMax LevelSkillRequiredType
Swordsman10AllSwordsman 1st Circle requiredActive
* Increases provocation when enemies attack by 50% per attribute level-

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May 6th 2016 14:31:12
why do my provoke skill are passive? its says here active. :/ i feel like wasted few k's of silver to maxed it but nothing happen. can anyone explain please, or i need to up a certain skill.
May 13th 2016 11:09:09
@terror69 provocation means even you damage the monster low, it will target you as far as I know. It is ideal for a tanker since the DPS is low af.
May 20th 2016 11:01:37
Well... Provoke is an "active skill" who is active 100% of the time for free, but you can turn it off to stop the agroo bonus. It's a toggle ability to make enemies focus you when you hit them. If you max it, you'll always have priority against mobs to be the focus of their attacks UNLESS another person has it maxed too or uses another Provoke skill (Peltastas)
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