[July 10th 2018] Updated to Rank 10, added Pied Piper and Exorcist!


  1. Open the Adventure Journal (F4)
  2. Open Item Tab
    Item Tab
  3. Enter Item Name in search at the bottom
    Search Item Name
  4. Take screenshot of the Adventure Journal entry
    Put your mouse over the monster icon to get the monster name displayed.
    Journal Entry
    Optional: Create a second screenshot without the tooltip for a readable item name.
  5. Upload the screenshot(s) to an image hoster like imgur.

Contribute Monster Drops

Thank you for contributing information to our database. You are helpig us to make it as complete as possible. We are trying to handle all contributions within 24 hours (usually faster).
In order to verify contributions, a screenshot of the item in your Adventure Journal is required.
Writing down the Item and Monster Name is optional but will make it much easier for us to handle your contribution.
You may also add additional information like map or level of the monster if there are different monsters with the same name.
Note 1: Recipes don't show up in the adventure journal. You can post them without a screenshot we will start handling recipes separately, soon.

Example Contribution

Item: Kepa Stem
Monster: Kepa (Lv 1)
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/VRJAI0Y

Contribution Form

Currently disabled in preparation for the upcoming database update!
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