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TOS Armory

Note: This list does NOT include all characters. We can only add you when we meet you ingame. The best chance to get added is by visiting the statue in Klaipeda (Channel 1) though we're only there from time to time. Data is not updated instantly!
Name Order  
Name Level HP SP Class Updated
Lord Stormakov1033,865645CataphractAug 09th 2015
Ensipid Qt1033,956585BarbarianAug 10th 2015
Wabblet Wabblet1002,764776WugushiAug 10th 2015
test ez992,5491,112ThaumaturgeAug 09th 2015
Alise Senpai982,2212,338LinkerAug 10th 2015
Kirito Seiya843,478483BarbarianAug 09th 2015
Aqua Waterfighter811,9041,225PyromancerAug 09th 2015
Swamp Swamp815,057571RodeleroAug 10th 2015
Memento Morii802,9011,805KrivisAug 09th 2015
Devoth Minzin803,118666BarbarianAug 09th 2015
Ink Drawing805,445566RodeleroAug 10th 2015
Lazy Bum802,8641,557KrivisAug 09th 2015
Flotitan Flotitan802,202632RangerAug 09th 2015
Jinsoku Jinsoku802,0101,921PsychokinoAug 10th 2015
Flanflan Debauchery793,752560BarbarianAug 09th 2015
Necrover Necrover792,332625ScoutAug 09th 2015
Ares TheBambi792,083625ArcherAug 09th 2015
Hot Dove781,6661,388WizardAug 09th 2015
Kage Bunsetsu773,100446BarbarianAug 09th 2015
Derfington Derf772,4371,597BokorAug 08th 2015
Barbarian Vici0us773,134550BarbarianAug 09th 2015
Smile Smile761,6231,079PyromancerAug 10th 2015
Lyraea Dyne762,181707SapperAug 08th 2015
Sabin Sabin751,908497HunterAug 09th 2015
Nakate Nakate752,821539BarbarianAug 09th 2015
Luculyia Voltazux753,490539HopliteAug 08th 2015
Asfel Clovrenti754,366604HopliteAug 10th 2015
Soy Milk742,091666SapperAug 10th 2015
Stoned deRocha741,5921,106LinkerAug 09th 2015
Hunter Hisoka731,6751,154LinkerAug 09th 2015
Nousha DOTvu732,906598BarbarianAug 09th 2015
Ellie Reader722,173933KrivisAug 09th 2015
pwnrz Swayko722,894419BarbarianAug 09th 2015
Koko Kokomo721,916583HunterAug 08th 2015
Slamfrog Tom722,985419BarbarianAug 10th 2015
Monica Blanche724,525614HopliteAug 09th 2015
Moku satan721,791753SapperAug 10th 2015
Cool_Guy Who714,291557HopliteAug 09th 2015
Tetzer Sasket712,1141,307LinkerAug 10th 2015
Ahri Uberejho711,9781,478LinkerAug 09th 2015
Azrael Azrael712,691518BarbarianAug 10th 2015
Sgt Rinjoa712,062678ArcherAug 08th 2015
Sadhu Tactics702,7681,453ClericAug 09th 2015
Forte Desolater702,704512BarbarianAug 09th 2015
RNG Juice701,925996LinkerAug 10th 2015
Hatake Ichigo692,797607BarbarianAug 10th 2015
Julio Asiain692,240705RangerAug 09th 2015
Oldman FxFighter692,4721,009LinkerAug 09th 2015
Cheezy Bread692,769607BarbarianAug 09th 2015
Tikal Origin691,5231,230PyromancerAug 10th 2015
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